How to Create and Extract Zip File??


Zip File: Hello Friends in today’s article, we will learn about what is Zip file, how to create Zip File and how to extract Zip file. This information is available with Screen Shot in this article. From which you can learn how to create Zip file and how to unzip the file.

Zip File


Friends say a very simple language about Zip File. It’s a type of folder that lets you compress and share many folders and files together. As the word Compress comes here, we tell you in a little detail.

Actually, when you create a file or a Zip file, its size decreases, that is, it becomes File Compress. So if you want to send that file to a third person. Then your work becomes very easy and you can send all your files by creating a Zip File at a time.

Mostly you might have noticed that when you want to download any software from the Internet, you get it within the Software Zip File. Now the question comes, why does this happen mostly on the website? There can be three answers to this question-

So let’s know about the benefits of creating Zip file and after that, we will learn how to create Zip file.

Benefits of Zip File

  1. Single Click Download – Zip File, many software files are created together. So that you do not need to download separate files. You just download Zip File from Single Click and after extract, all those files are displayed to you separately.
  2. The most important thing about Virus Protected-Zip File is Virus Infect that it does not cause any harm to your software, so most websites use Zip File.
  3. Password Protected- A lot of people on the Internet add traffic to their website by linking their software to their website. In such a way, the Original Owner creates your website name or URL password by protecting that Zip file from Password. To know which software was taken from Actual in that software.

So lets we talk about how to create Zip file.

How to Create Zip File?

To create or use a Zip file, first of all, you need to have WinRAR Software in Computer / Laptop. So, first of all, you download WinRAR Software and install it on your computer or Laptop.

For which you click on WinRAR and install 32 bit or 64-bit Win Rar according to your operating system.

After installing the software, you only have to follow some basic steps.

Step 01. Select your Files or Folders

Now firstly select your files or folders. Whatever you want to create a Zip file and right click on the mouse button. You will now have a list of some options. You will notice that some Symbols like Books are on your list. Have been added which were not previously. Their names are also given on these b


ooks’ Icons, so you know what they are for.

As we have to make our file or folder a zip file, then we continue to do this, you get an option to add to archive in these options, you click on it.


Now a new window will open on your screen as you can see in the screen given above.

Step 02. Select Zip


In the open page, you see, you have given Rar, Ra


r 4 and Zip three options because we are learning to create a Zip file. Then we have to tick on the option of zipping. Now you can get two options like Compression Method and Directory Size. Are.

But you do not make any changes on both of these options and click on the OK button below. Now it will start to convert to your File or Folder Zip File and within few seconds you will go inside your File Zip File.

In this way, you can create your own files and folders in a Zip file together. Now the second question here is that we created a Zip file and zipped all our folders. But now how will we do it when we have to use it?

To re-use your files, you must first un-zip your files or folders. So that they will come back again and you will be able to use them.


How to Unzip Zip File?

Now that we learn how to unzip our files and folders. You have many ways to do this but we will learn the easiest way to get our files and folders extract/unzip at once.

  1. First, select your Zip file, click on the mouse on the Zip file you want to unzip. Then it will be selected and right click on the right mouse. Then you will get some options, but this time the icons containing the books. You can unzip your Zip file with three of which will be found at the top.
  2. We will click here on the option of Extract to (Your Folder Name) and all your files and folders will come out in one go.
  3. Similarly, now you want to extract just one file and not the rest of the files. Then first open your zip folder and select the file you want to extract and on the extract button above Click here.
  4. Now WinRAR will ask permission from you to place your file in the place where we want to keep our file on the desktop. Then we will click Simple on the menu of the desktop and press Ok.

All you had to do was to check the desktop and you will get your file. This way you can extract all the files and a file from a Zip file.


Hopefully, Article about how to create Zip File, benefits of Zip file and how to unzip file will be helpful for you and you have now learned to create and extract a Zip file. If you still have any questions on this topic, then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

Now if you like info about how to create Zip file, then definitely share it with your friends.



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