Cache Memory – Definition, Benefits, and Disadvantages


Hello friends, In the previous article, I told you about ROM Memory. Now, I am going to tell you about Cache Memory in Computer in this article. I hope you will like this article.

There are 3 types of Computer memory in the Computer. These are as following

  1. Cache Memory
  2. Primary Memory
  1. Secondary Memory

Cache Memory

Cache Memory is a memory that helps keep your device’s speed good. Whether it’s a computer or an Android phone and any other operating system is in Memory. Now it’s not like RAM, nor is it Like ROM but it still works the two of these works.


I told you how it helps in increasing the speed of your device. Like our computer or mobile, there is a photo gallery. As soon as we open the gallery, we see a small photo or small thumbnails of the photo. This icon is of Cache memory in Computer. What does our device like a phone or computer do? Let’s make a little icon of our picture, and when we open the gallery, we see those small icons quickly.

If in our phone or computer these icons will not be saved in Cache Memory. So our phone or computer will make them repeatedly to show them. And which will reduce the speed of our phones and the battery will also be used more.

So to increase the performance of our phone. The phone creates a temporary file in our photo as a small icon, and whenever we open the gallery, our phone shows the temporal image. Which does not load our phones repeatedly

Should Cache Memory Be Deleted?

However, deleting the Cache Memory does not have much effect. Because if you remove the Cache memory once, your phone will be able to recreate it. But if you have low space on your mobile or your phone’s memory is low. Then you can use Cache Memory You can make some space in your phone for some time by deleting it.

How to delete cache Memory?

If you have to delete the cache memory in the phone. Then you can use any booster app, or go to “Setting, then you will get clear cache option for every app in the app settings.”

In computers you can also clear the cache with the help of software such as “CCleaner” software is quite good software.

Benefits of Cache Memory

As we have explained above what the Cache Memory is and how it works. You may have realized so much that it will also benefit us and if there is a disadvantage. There will be benefits too, so let talk about the benefits of Cache Memory. Its most significant advantage is that Due to Cache Memory, the speed of our phones gets a lot better. This speed of our computer is good enough. Because of the temporary files that our network repeatedly has It has to use. It is created once in the cache memory and how the computer frequently removes those files from memory. So that our computer or phone works more quickly.


Cache Memory Disadvantages

Any file in our computer requires storage for it to become a compressor file. So there are no common files in the Cache memory in Computer, it will not automatically delete. That’s why its size will increase, and due to this, the storage capacity of our computer or phone will reduce. If you do not delete the temp file from time to time. Then the storage of your phone or Computer will be fully exposed to the storage in the computer is very high. We do not know, but we get 64 GB of storage in mobile which is filled up very quickly. So as long as possible to delete the memory as much as possible So that your computer has more storage memory.

In this post, you have told about Cache Memory in Computer, Cache Memory Definition, how the Cache Memory works and what are its benefits, whether it should delete. If there is any other question or suggestion about it If so, definitely ask by commenting below.




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